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Stop 9 JH Stutterd’s Store

Stop 9 JH Stutterd's store

The very first hotel on this site was a weatherboard building called the Royal Hotel. Mr John Bauld was the first licensee in 1892-93. In 1910 an advertisement in the local newspaper offered “a large paddock, well grassed and fenced, for the use of drovers”.

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Walk along the main street of Goldie Street heading west on the northern side. When you reach the crossroads of Moore street and Goldie street cross over towards the park side stop and look back towards the large wooden house. 

  • This timber building, of 57 squares, was erected in 1884 by the Stutterd family as a general store and residence. It is one of Wynyard’s earliest structures and quite possibly its oldest commercial building. It is built in the Georgian revival architectural style.
  • The large space downstairs was the main store with a crockery and glassware display upstairs. A huge wooden pulley wheel (still in working order) in the roof was used to lift goods into the storage space on the first floor. The concrete annexe at the rear of the building was added later and was at some time used as a security store by the Mines Department.
  • The Stutterd family sold the store in 1912 and Ken Malcolm established a garage to capitalise on the new booming trade in motor vehicles. In 1919 the garage was taken over by Nicholas Richardson who introduced the first petrol bowser on the north-west coast and also advertised cars for hire.
  • The last business closed in 2008 and the building is now a private residence.
  • J and R Saward – Inglis Garage and Bodyworks
  • Cyril Dixon – a tank making business and second-hand store (from 1959)
  • G Mace – photographic studio
  • G Kidman – Riverside Gallery and photography
  • B and M O’Garey – photo and picture framing and a café – Mare’s Place
  • C and J Martin – Martin’s Antiques
  • Lyn Connellan – Art Gallery and Bookshop and a café – Whitedogs
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