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Stop 4 The ‘Bottom Don’ merchants

Stop 4 The 'Bottom Don'

The Wynyard branch of the River Don Trading Company was established about 1904. Being a large establishment and able to bulk buy goods, the company was able to retail all classes of wares at the lowest possible rates.

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Standing opposite the Save-A-Buck markets, look to your left at the brick building on the opposite corner.

  • A 1919 publication advised: “Values in grocery, ironmongery, drapery, millinery, footwear and other lines are incomparable. Delivery, prompt and accurate to all parts of the district, has in no small degree added to the firm’s popularity. Orders by mail or phone are in the hands of an expert, and are packed and dispatched without loss of time.”
  • One of the early managers was Mr Richard Gutteridge, who lived next door to the business and was instrumental in the formation of the Gutteridge Gardens.
  • During the 1920s the company established another store at 108 Goldie Street which became known as the “Top Don”. The “Bottom Don” closed in about 1956, the building was demolished, and residential flats were built in 1963.
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