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Stop 18 Goodman Skin Buyers

Goodman Skin Buyers

Goodmans Skin Buying Store. Started in the early 1900s, the Goodman’s eventually sold their business after 6 years to South Australian Skins merchants, Willcox-Mofflin & co. They left for an extended tour of England and the continent”. They came back to Burnie eventually starting a new produce store, Goodman’s Produce in Marine terrace and later the VDL Co. building.

Stop 17 Union Line Steamers

Union Line Steamers

Union Line Steamers- Built near the site of the Goodman skins merchants, offered a weekly sailing to Sydney and on to New Zealand from the port of Burnie and Devonport. They began their service in 1883 with their ships, Pateena and Flora

Stop 16 The VDL company store

This was the site of the majestic Van Diemen Land Company Store. Built in 1901 on the site of the original company stores established in 1827 the building continued to operate as a produce store after the Van Diemen Land Co. dwindled. It eventually was demolished in the 1970s to create a car park, and eventually, the current cinema was constructed on the same site.

Stop 15 The Old Burnie Wharf

Burnie’s port was one of the State’s main gateways for products in and out of Tasmania, and still is to this day. The key export was potatoes until Burnie’s industrial expansion in the 1930s. At times there were in excess of 25,000 bags of potatoes awaiting loading at the wharf.

Stop 14 Basalt Columns

These Basalt columns were used to quarry thousands of tons of rocks from the 1800s into the 20th century. The original Basalt columns protruded further north than they do today after substantial quarrying of the columns.