Tasmania Living History QR Code Walks

Stop 8 Fortuna WT BELL Auctioneers

WT Bell Auction House- These gentlemen were responsible for conducting cattle Auctions in the North and Northwest, and their offices were located in this building and in Launceston until 1939. (The Advocate 11 Feb 1939, p 12)

Stop 7 Cattley Street Looking West

Cattley street, offered a range of shops, and eateries- not dissimilar to contemporary Cattley street offerings. It also provided somewhere for the kids to ride their bikes and make mischief no doubt!

Stop 6 Cattley Street Town Hall

Cattley street was once dominated by a grand Town Hall, where public meetings, forums, elegant balls, and community events were held. The original buildings were built by the Burnie Institute and later expanded in 1888 to become a much grander building.