Tasmania Living History QR Code Walks

Take a walk and uncover our Living History

Photographs capture a moment in time, some say the souls of those featured in the tableau. There exist a rich repository of original photographic images that have captured ordinary life along the Tasmanian coast. We draw upon this rich photographic history in a way that is tangible and meaningful to both locals and visitors.

We invite you to walk around our regional towns with mere architectural hints of the people and places that have come before us. We walk the same paths; we occupy the same spaces.

The Tasmania Living History project creates an access point to vignettes that combine historical images in a modern context and in doing so, facilitate the walker with a moment to observe in situ, the lives, and places of those who have been before. We occupy the same space they once did, stand where they stood, connected by place and across time. 

Like ghosts, they stare back at us as we ponder their dreams and lives.  We are inexorably connected – the Living and the History.

We invite you to take a walk and discover our Living History.


Burnie Living History

Burnie was established by the Van Diemen’s Land Company in 1827. This walking tour will take you through the Burnie CBD area, to uncover the history hidden behind the modern buildings we see today.

Wynyard Living History

Wynyard is a thriving small rural community. Hidden behind the modern facades of today’s little town, are the histories of the people that have lived here before. Take a wander through the main street of Wynyard to discover their stories.

Burnie Art Deco Walk

Take a wander past some of Burnie’s finest art deco buildings, and some that are a little more obscure.